Advertiser API

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Start to monetize your project by using our Advertiser API and get immediate access to all the top online stores worldwide. Our feed comes with an outstanding coupon and cashback feed, so you can enjoy to have access to thousands of coupons codes ready to me promote, also monetize your cashback website with our efficient feed. With a simple integration, you will receive all the advertiser feed with monetization links to earn money with your website. Moxie Advertiser API comes with parameters that helps you to reach your target and monetize better your online business model. All you need to make to have access to our API documentation is to make your registration at our platform. Never miss an opportunity to earn with your traffic again!


  • Flexible and ready to monetize different types of websites

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  • Coupons & Cashback feed ready to the end user

  • Campaigns in CPM, CPC, CPL & CPS

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